Board of Directors

Elisia Harkins-James

Elisia set up the Barbara Seniors Harkins Foundation in 2005 to help underprivileged children in the South Dade area. This is the cause her mother had devoted her life to before she passed in May, 2005, and Elisia was determined to continue her good work. At present Elisia is traveling between Homestead, where her home is, and Los Angeles, where she teaches film to High School children. She has also produced a number of films, one of which aired on national television in July, 2008. Her goal is to return to Homestead and work for the Foundation full time.

Joshua James

Joshua James is a freelance photographer and business entrepreneur, still pursuing education to further his knowledge and skill as a photographer at Los Angeles Community College in Los Angeles, CA. Joshua’s passion for photography through education has led him to share his passion with kids by working with the Barbara Seniors Harkins Foundation as Director Of Photography/Video. Joshua has been extremely supportive in running the media portion of the BSHF as well as documenting the movement through his lens. Joshua’s background of growing up in one the roughest parts of Los Angeles county, Compton, California, has solidified his urge to help bring change in the inner-cities.

His background in customer service has given him the expertise to work diligently with kids in preparing them for a bright future. The BSHF is proud to have such a unique candidate supporting the movement of education. Joshua has pledged his allegiance in helping all underprivileged kids succeed by honest encouragement and sincere attention given.