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Dr. Barbara Seniors Harkins Foundation Scholarship – Florida

In recognition of her services to the Dade County Public Schools as an educator, The Dr. Barbara Seniors Harkins Educational Scholarship was established in 2005.


(For California Scholarships, please visithttp://barbaraseniorsharkinsfoundation.org/scholarship-california/)

Dr. Harkins was a life-long educator of the Dade County Public Schools who believed in the power of teaching all children. Dr. Harkins felt that there wasn’t enough caring and concern for the students in the schools. This predicament moved her to instigate change. By becoming a teacher, coordinator and an administrator, Dr. Harkins strived for not only the betterment of the conditions in schools, but for the betterment of the students as well.

The $250.00 award will be given this year to one high school senior from the South Dade, area. The Senior must meet the following criteria:

• A cumulative 2.5 or above grade point average.
• Have been accepted by a junior college or four-year university.
• An active member of their community, volunteer, involved in church activities.
• Must attend one of the following high schools: Homestead, South Dade, Southridge, Robert Morgan, Miami Palmetto, Coral Reef, and G. Holmes Braddock.

In addition to the above criteria, the applicant must submit the following forms:

• Application Form
• An attached letter of recommendation from a teacher.
• A letter of recommendation from a church leader.
• A letter of recommendation from a community/volunteer organization leader.
• A copy of his/her transcript.
• Proof of college enrollment.
• A 500-800 word essay not to exceed two pages (double-spaced, typed) on one of the following topics:

a) Write about one of your passions and how you believe pursuing this passion will make you a better person.
b) How can pursuing a specific area of study in college help you make positive contributions to your community and/or the world?
c) Write about an experience that changed your life for the better.
d) Write about an experience in which you changed another person’s life for the better.


Teacher Recommendation           PDF Format
Information Sheet           PDF Format
Flyer           PDF Format

Entry Deadline: Friday, May 30, 2019.


All entries must be received by the deadline date at the address noted above (not a postmark date). Entries must be complete or they will not be eligible for consideration.

For questions, please call (305) 203 – 4554 or e-mail info@barbaraseniorsharkinsfoundation.org.