Afterschool and Weekend Programs: 2017-2018

In addition to Book Club, the Foundation is currently offering two new afterschool programs on photography and filmmaking. Both programs run every Thursday starting January 12 until June 1, 2017 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. There is a $100.00 enrollment fee for either program.

Book Club

Celebrate reading with the organization’s book club. Our foundation has teamed up with The Blazers of Los Angeles to provide students with a setting in which they can have lively discussions about the same books and complete fun-filled activities related to the book. Club members will enjoy activities and snacks during each club meeting. The Book Club is $25.00 to join (some scholarship funding is available) and is open to ages 9-14.

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2017 Fall Workshop -Photography (NEW!)

This beginning level class is designed to introduce students to the fundamental operations, techniques, and critical vocabulary of digital photography. Students will learn about the camera’s basic and advanced settings in an effort to make beautiful photographs, all while having fun. Participants involved in the program will go out on field trips around the city, create a portfolio of their work, to present their work in a gallery show.

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2017 Fall Workshop -Acting (NEW!)

The skills developed and explored in this workshop will give young actors the
ability—and the confidence—to become creative problem -solvers, inspired
communicators and innovative thinkers. These skills help them improve their
school work today, excel in the job market tomorrow and move successfully through

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2017 Fall Workshop – Canon Cameras (NEW!)

This session is designed to provide information on how to select and use digital video cameras.  Participants will learn basic digital video camera operation and how to get desired outcomes.  Discussions will include an introduction to digital video editing and a variety of tips and techniques to help young filmmakers get the most from their digital video camera experience.

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If you have questions, you can call the Foundation at (310) 226 – 8441 or e-mail us (